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Below you will find a summary of the various disclosures applicable to FCA regulated MiFID firms. For a more detailed level of understanding, we recommend that you consult the relevant chapters of the FCA handbook or speak with us directly.


My name is Alexa Young

The MIFIDPRU 8 disclosure requirements, as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), apply to UK investment firms.


Depending on the type of firm, MIFIDPRU 8 public disclosures may be required to cover:

  • risk management objectives and policies

  • governance arrangements

  • own funds

  • own funds requirements

  • remuneration policy and practices

  • investment policy

Disclosures should be prepared for the standalone entity, even if the group is supervised on a consolidated basis.

Firm must publish their disclosure at least annually, in line with the date the financial statements are published. Firms may consider making more frequent disclosures in the event of material change between annual disclosures.

Disclosures must:

  • be easily accessible and free to obtain

  • be clearly presented and easy to understand

  • be consistently presented and comparable with previous disclosures

  • highlight any significant changes compared with previous disclosure periods

Making the disclosures available on a website will tend to establish compliance with these requirements.


Stewardship Code

My name is Alexa Young

The Stewardship Code requirements, as defined by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), applies to those investing money on behalf of UK investors.


Firms should keep their disclosure up-to-date in accordance with their current policy and requirements of the Code. The disclosure is required to be made public and doing so on a website will tend to establish compliance with this requirement.

Stewardship Code
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